Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mayo Clinic Says "Hold the Mayo"

Today I've got news about a "weight loss resolution,", why our children need help, the Mayo Clinic's "hold the mayo" campaign, how to be an organic insider, and more on the cholesterol scam.

I'm actually getting ready to pour myself a cup of coffee before I head out for a morning run. It's a beautiful day here and I can sneak out before it gets too hot. It's been a phenomenal week. With my focused nutrition and training, I've shed 12 pounds the past 4 weeks and lost over an inch from my waist. My running has been improving steadily so I look forward to getting back into some races and targeting another marathon.

What's new?

Weight Loss Resolution for the Conference of Mayors?

WHEREAS, there's a lot of overweight people out there, WHEREAS, bicycling is a physical activity that may help promote fat loss, BE IT RESOLVED, that there is an interesting resolution you can read right here.

Our Children Need Help

A Happy Meal isn't so friendly anymore ... did you know that because of poor diet and lack of exercise, "diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases in children and adolescents; about 151,000 people below the age of 20 years have diabetes." That's disturbing because for the most part some smart decisions can create this from happening. This is a summary of the report from the CDC.

Mayo Clinic Says Hold the Mayo

One of the world's most respected health organizations now has their own diet: The Mayo Clinic Diet. This might sound familiar if you've read Lose Fat, Not Faith: "Mayo Clinic's approach to weight loss is not a diet. It's a lifestyle that can help you maintain a healthy weight for a lifetime." (I wonder why they call it a diet and then tell us it's not a diet?). Their pyramid is one of the best I've seen (notice that there are fruits and vegetables at the base, then it goes up from there). I'm excited to see others not only simplifying the message and focusing on healthy, natural balance, but also integrating concepts such as goals and mindset.

Be an Organic Insider

Organic can be confusing, especially when it comes to "organic" vs. "cage-free" vs. "free range." Use this article to help decipher what those labels really mean.

The Cholesterol Scare: Millions of Victims Strong

This weekend we had a terrific class at the local recreational center. I gave some nutrition advice and my wife and daughter taught how to make healthy meals in 10 minutes or less. We had "tunalini" which is tuna mixed with canneloni (a type of bean) and some olive oil and red wine vinegar, we marinated berries in balsamic vinegar, and made some high protein, high fiber pasta with vegetables. As part of my talk, I discussed cholesterol and what a deceptive scam it truly is. When a student asked about more details, I asked a simple question: "When you were put on your cholesterol-lowering medication, how much time did your doctor spend discussing the lifestyle changes you could make in order to have a natural, positive impact on your condition?" Of course the answer was that there was no real discussion — only when the patient indicated they were opposed to the medication and wanted to know if they could get off it, the reply was "most people don't make the choices they need to and therefore must stay on it." But what's amazing is that those choices were never discussed!

I've written about this before but wanted to share this article that goes into more detail about the $6 billion dollar cholesterol scam.

Jeremy Likness

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